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Outstanding Russian Thinkers in the INTERNET

year 1924
Ivan Il'in

Ivan Alexandrowich Il'in (* 28.03.1883, Moscow - 21.12.1954, Zollikon/Zürich, Switzerland) - was an outstanding Russian thinker, specialist in jurisprudence, and political scientist. Author of around 50 books and brochures as well as several hundred articles in Russian, German, and other European languages. 

He graduated (1906) from the faculty of law (Moscow Imperial University). Lecturer (1909) at the department of the philosophy of law. [On the 'young' Il'in see the article in Russian "...Marked by rare persistence in work and  highest devotion to the scholarship": Aspects of the young Ivan Il'in and materials from Russian State historical archive (Saint-Petersburg), in Russian.]

Ph.D. in Political Science (1918) - thesis title: Filosofiya Gegelya kak uchenie o konkretnosti Boga i cheloveka (Hegel's Philosophy as a Teaching of the Concreteness of God and Man).

In 1922 Iljin was exiled from Soviet Russia to Germany as a active adversary of  Bolshevic regime. Professor (1922-1934) at the Russian Scientific Institute in Berlin. Editor (1927-1930) of the magazine "Russkii kolokol" (Russian bell). Due to persecution by the Gestapo, Iljin moved to Switzerland (July 1938). 

The years in Switzerland (1938 to 1954) Il'in devoted to a summing up of his work. Special mention must be made of more than 200 political articles written in 1948-54 and collected postumously in two volumes as Nashi Zadachi (Our Tasks). [See also full biography in German and the biographical arcticle of Y. Licica]

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